"Former King" of
Spain Juan Carlos
Bourbon (Habsburg) drew
from Spain

403/1023   2020-08-12 21:17:59

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OneCoin - the
collapse of the
decade scam

492/1819   2020-06-05 08:17:00

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Cheating factory in
the heart of
the capital

544/2695   2020-05-16 20:33:52

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The baseless wealth
of the Nazarbayevs
in London

469/1827   2020-05-01 12:26:00

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Vice Minister of
Public Security Arrested
in China

463/1431   2020-04-24 12:29:29

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Who and how
does the World
Bank help?

424/1509   2020-04-16 12:24:00

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International Vigilance Committee (anti-corruption supervision)

The International Vigilance Committee (IVC) is an independent international non-governmental non-profit organization established by a group of like-minded people who are socially active citizens in order to inform the public about the facts of corruption and how to combat it in different parts of the world.

The tasks of the IVC include anti-corruption supervision in all spheres of life, as well as advising anti-corruption international and government departments , non-governmental organizations.

The International Vigilance Committee within the framework of public anti-corruption supervision reserves the right to conduct independent investigative journalism and to acquaint the public with their results.

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